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Friday, July 9, 2010

Gnome and Toadstool Cookies

I randomly bought a giant gnome for a friend recently. Gnomes have a certain ugly appeal about them that makes you want to gag but smile at the same time :o)
So while this giant gnome sat in our house waiting to be delivered, it gave me inspiration for my next cookie cutter - a gnome cutter!

My gnome sketch on the front of a set of workshop notes :o)
The closest bit of paper I could find at the time (like my new pen?)!
My new gnome friends.

This gnome cutter can also be used for Snow White's seven dwarves and Santa, come Christmas time. I'm sure my 3-year-old would love some seven dwarves cookies, as Snow White is her favourite princess at the moment :o) She's scared of Santa though so no Santa cookies for her!

Toadstool Cookies

Everyone together for a group photo!


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Hi Cupcake Gallery! I love these cookies. Do you sell the cutters? The children are Gnome crazy since the movie came out here in the UK :0)

Peter said...

Thanks Victorious Cupcakes!
Unfortunately I don't sell the cutters at this stage :o) I was just kinda doing it for fun!

About me... said...
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The Cupcake Gallery said...

Sorry, that last comment was from me - Jo (The Cupcake Gallery)... didn't realise I was logged in as my husband!!

Ness said...

Any chance you would be willing to sell me a gnome and toadstool cutter? Exactly what I want for my wedding! Happy to pay you for this service.