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Sunday, July 11, 2010

3D Cupcakes Workshop

Finally, I've finished my sample cupcakes for the 3D Cupcakes Workshop!

I started working on these a couple of weeks ago but it's taken me a while to finish because I've been distracted by my latest obsession of making cookie cutters :o) Just made a Cupcake Gallery cookie cutter last night, hoping to try it out next week after I finish making Adrian & Vanessa's gorgeous wedding cake for their big day. I'm thinking of possibly including a Cupcake Gallery cookie in the workshop goodie bags.

My aim was to create a beautiful set of cupcakes that would be easy for beginning/intermediate learners to master. I like to have themes for each set of cupcakes for workshops, so it wasn't easy coming up with ideas that were all within the same theme AND easy to make. I spent quite some time just sitting and staring at my fondant, and then playing with ideas and colours before settling on the final designs. I generally plan 4-5 cupcake designs for each workshop. Students start off making the simplest design, and then work up to a more complex one as their confidence grow as we progress through the workshop.

These cupcakes were inspired by the current popularity of 'high tea'. At this workshop, students will be making cupcakes with the following toppers: Macarons, cupcakes, slice of cake, cupcakes in tray, and last but not least - the tea set.

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