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Sunday, December 18, 2011

Cakes in the last 6 months!

Wow, it's been too long!! My apologies for being a little quiet...I just cannot believe how a year of 'not doing cakes' can still be so crazy busy!

Since my third child Micaiah was born in May, I have been busy with a few things.

The main thing has been our application with mission organisation SIM (www.sim.org.au) to work in Malawi as Christian missionaries. Finally, after much paperwork, we are finally 'official' and are working towards leaving in July 2012! For more info see www.ongsinmalawi.com

But in the midst of all that, I still found time to do a cake here or there :) Here are some things I've been working on since June but haven't had the time to update here!


Rainbow cake cones with marshmallow on top

Engagement figurines for a friend

Child dedication/baptism spread for a friend
Replaced our dodgey oven so resumed macaron making!


First workshop with my baby girl!


Kitchen tea cake for a friend


'Half' birthday rainbow cake for my baby girl

Spy themed figurine for a friend's daughter

Baby shower rainbow cake for a neighbour

Rainbow cake for a friend's 40th


My last workshop ever before we head to Malawi next July!

Mini gingerbread house decorating with the neighbours kids

Baby Jesus cookies for my 4 year old to take to preschool

Wedding cake for a friend

Surprise peach figurines for the above wedding. Their last name is peach related!

Snowman macarons for a gathering with ex-neighbours

And last but not least... my new book!
You can purchase it from here: www.blurb.com/user/store/jong78

That's all, folks!!
Have an awesome Christmas celebrating the birth of Christ!

Love, Jo


Linda - Bengtssons Baksida said...

Wow you make som many beautiful things! I really love the Rainbow cake in the cone!

ottawan girly said...

The engagement figurine looks so cute. :")

Lisa said...

Your work is absolutely beautiful.. including that beautiful baby! ;)

Alejandrapatch said...

Love your work!!!

Lucie said...

wow what fantastic cakes. Your cakes are beautiful

Buy Facebook Likes said...

Amazing work.Love these cakes

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