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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Amish quilting cake

Amish quilting cake made for a special lady's 50th
The Amish ladies symbolise her strong faith in God and love of quilting.
The quilt on the table is a replica of a favourite quilt the birthday girl has hanging in her home.
Inside is dark chocolate mudcake with dark chocolate ganache
Amish ladies close-ups
When I was setting up the cake, someone commented: "Oh look! A basket of fat quarters!"
I'm not a quilter so was pleased to hear that my bundles of material actually had a name!
Cotton reels and pin cushion
The accompanying vanilla cupcakes for non-chocolate eaters
These buttons were inspired by Donna Hay button toppers I've seen around

This cake took 5 days (approx 33 hours) to complete.


leidivine said...

very impressive indeed. :)i am certain the birthday girl loved it!

Alejandrapatch said...

Beautiful cake!!!!Good job!!!

Alejandrapatch said...

Excuse me,can I take a photo of the amish cake to my blog.It is because I am a patchwork teacher and like to cook too.Thank you.I wait for your answer.

Pam Jarrell said...

This is by far...the best cake/cupcake that I have ever seen!!! I love it!! Such talent that you have!!! I love All Things Amish.. and this is at the top of my list. I will be sharing this with all of my friends in my online Book Club =)