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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Edible book competition win

This is my entry into the local council 'Book to Devour' competition where it won first prize in the business category. 'Edible books' had to be based on a book cover/character/content. This was a meaningful win to me as it was the first time I'd entered into the business category rather than the individual category.
I chose The Large Family Five Minutes' Peace by Jill Murphy. Being a primary teacher, I wanted to choose a great popular children's book that wasn't too 'commercialised'. Being a mum, I could really relate to the story where all Mrs Large wanted was five minutes' peace to herself! The Large Family series is one of my 3-year-old's favourite books, and it was also a book that allowed me to show off my strength - an eye for detail.
At the viewing night at the local library where they announced the winners.
There were three long tables like this one, all packed with entries.
Categories were: Youth, Open, and Business.
...after the winners were annoucned :o)
Me with my beautiful support crew standing in front of the cake now on display at the library

The details...

Lester Large playing the recorder for mum.
Mrs Large's uneaten toast and cupcake
Mrs Large in the bubble bath surrounded by toys

Laura Large reading a book to mum

laundry basket, Mrs Large's cold cup of tea, tea pot, and newspaper

Toilet paper roll

the toilet and pot plant

The Little One about to throw his toy boat in the bath with mum

The making...
Completed Lester, half completed Little One and Laura
All bits completed, cake covered (bath tub), all ready to be assembled!

Time it took to complete: 7 days
Materials: Fondant, chocolate cake, ganache


Simoney said...

Unbelievable!!! You are amazingly talented. I can't believe that is a CAKE. I mean, even if you had modelled it out of DOUGH it would still be incredible. But to think it's all edible??
Amazing. Hats off to YOU!

Anonymous said...

what more can i say.... maybe that is one of my favorite cake and you are one of my favorite cake maker

Yummy Mommy Mia and Daddy Al said...


Di said...

Oh my. Your modelling is amazing. Incredible work.

Reem said...

Am speechless.. its more than wonderful.. very detailed and bright colors.. cant say more its amazing.. keep the good work =)