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Tuesday, June 28, 2011


 So... what have I been up to in the past couple of months?
1. I had a baby! 
Micaiah Joy was born on 5th May - a sister for Teaghan and Lucas.
She has a good set of lungs but is absolutely gorgeous and we love her to bits!

2. I made marshmallows!
With my oven out of order, I decided to give home made marshmallows a try.
This strawberry batch here is made with this recipe:
Despite the disgusting name, this recipe turned out very well.
Mocha, passionfruit, and lime marshmallows for Teaghan's preschool teachers as an end of term Thank You gift.
I made these peppermint flavoured marshmallows cos I really liked this blue and thought it would go perfectly with mint flavoured marshmallows.
I made it using this egg-less marshmallow recipe:
This one turned out quite well. It was easy to make with less things to wash up but it wasn't as chewy as the recipe with egg. I think I prefer the egg recipe.

3. I made a mock cake.
I made this cake for a friend's adorable 2 year old. I made a similar cake for her 4 year old daughter when she turned 2 so it was only fitting that little bro got one too!


leidivine said...

she is truly beautiful miss. :)

Alejandrapatch said...

Congratulations for your new baby girl she is so cute.....
I usually like to read yor blog,always you have a good ideas.
The marshmallows looks very good.
Excuse my english.Bye.

Lisa said...

Congratulations on your sweet baby! She is beautiful.

I'm the owner of the blog on which you found the egg-based marshmallow recipe. Just today, I deleted many of the posts from that blog, since I rarely use it anymore. I didn't realize you'd linked until I checked the traffic - so sorry for any inconvenience!

So if anyone's interested in the marshmallow recipe, you can find it at my other blog: http://iamanticookie.blogspot.com/2011/07/i-would-happily-sleep-on-big-slab-of.html

I posted several flavor variations that I enjoy. (The post also has a new, less disgusting title, hehe.)

Sorry again for any inconvenience, and thank you for the link! So glad the recipe worked well for you!


chopinandmysaucepan said...

Congratulations!! She is one cutie pie.

Elena said...

Such a beautiful princess you have here.....

last min wonders said...

Congrats! You have a cute and beautiful little angel there. :)

Anora said...

Its really looking very beautiful..
Nice to see this..

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gluten free pies said...

Use the same amounts of mini marshmallows as icing sugar, with water thinning the mix. Depending upon how much fondant you need, you will have to adjust how much you'll need of each ingredient.

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