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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Happy birthday Teaghan & Lucas!

With my kids' birthdays only a month apart, we decided to have a combined birthday party this year. We invited 20 of their little friends and together celebrated Teaghan's 4th birthday and Lucas' 2nd birthday.
The party was held at our church's beautiful outdoor kids area under a canopy of trees. I'm glad I managed to grab some photos before it started bucketing down with rain!
Our challenge this year was to keep everything under a very low budget, which meant a lot of shopping around in variety shops & ebay, and making most of the things ourselves... even if it meant twirling fairy floss at 4am in the morning!! I was happy with how it all turned out.
Princess themed girls table

The mini castle cake and cupcakes with marshmallow buttercream (find the recipe here)
I couldn't resist these fairy princess cupcake toppers by Robert Gordon! Aren't they just gorgeous?
Heart cookiepops, veggie sticks with beetroot dip
Juice, jellies, and watermelon tiaras
Pink sugar coated popcorn and favour bags
Favour bags and pink fairy floss
A very happy birthday princess :o)

The cars themed boys table
Lucas' car cake and cupcakes with marshmallow buttercream
topped with more Robert Gordon cupcake toppers.
Blue sugar coated popcorn in cups
Celery and carrot cars with hummus
Traffic light cookiepops
Favour bags

The birthday boy downing his first bottle of juice


jabrom said...


Anonymous said...

all sweets are adorable, super fun for kids

Mandy said...

You guys are awesome parents!!!! How did you manage to put all those together being pregnant, Jo? Well done!

Alejandrapatch said...

The sweets are so beautiful!!!!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful! You would never know that this party was done on a low budget. It's stunning and I bet everyone had such a good time!

Courty Biggs said...

Very cute ideas! I love the cake pops! I need to make some myself.

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mackyton said...

Hey this post was just so cute. Teaghan & Lucas had an awesome time on their birthday. Keep sharing such photos here. Anyways dear, my little ones are also going to turn 4 in the next month. So we will host a superman themed party for them. Can you help in finding an inexpensive party venue NYC?