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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Greetings from my new home!

This is my first post from our new place!
For those of you who didn't know. My husband Pete and I, along with our 2.8 kids, recently moved to live at Bible college while he completes his theology studies over the next 18 months before we head off to long term Christian missions in Africa. Read more on my family blog.

Here's my new cake table...which is a third of the size of my previous one. But I'm so thankful that I even have a place to do my cakes!

All my cake stuff has gone into the store room

I'm still getting to know this temperamental oven, which I need an ocky strap to keep shut.
It's not fan forced and things seem to burn at the bottom and remain undercooked on the surface.
So far I have baked a few failed batches of cupcakes... 

This is the first order I did at our new place -  a cake topper figurine of a photography enthusiast
Here's the cake I made for my dear little princess' 4th birthday. The kids here at college usually celebrate their birthdays with a cake to share on the playground. Teaghan has been eyeing the Snow White cake from the shops since last year, so I tried to make this cake as close to the one she saw at the shops as possible! The edible image was purchased from a party supplies shop.

It's not my usual style but the birthday girl was very excited!

and here's a photo of the 'Author Talk/Book Signing' I did at the Castle Hill Library recently. 
It was a great turn out with all 50 tickets sold out. I did a demonstration of one of the designs from the book. 
All participants received a scrumptious chocolate cupcake :o) Thank you to all who came along!


geewhyare said...

you have truly amazing talent! i love to bake and do cakes and goodies, but i could never do what you do! you are a real inspiration! thank you for sharing your pics with everyone! good luck in your new 'home'! georgette x

Titis said...

hello I love everything you do ... you beautiful hands, and you're my inspiration for my cupcakes.
I live in Spain and my English is pretty bad haha
I wanted to ask where I can buy your book?, I would love to have it in my hand .. now!
and congratulations for your baby is already underway.
take care..
Bye bye