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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

New book!

The Cupcake Gallery is excited to announce it's new book!

Fondant Fun by Joanne Ong

For your chance to win a copy. Simply 'like' our FB page  and leave a comment under the status update about the book. Winner will be announced on Friday 3rd Dec 2010.

To purchase a copy of the book, click here or on 'BUY' above and follow the prompts. There is free shipping to the US, Canada, UK, Europe and Australia until 10 Dec. What a great Christmas gift idea!

You'll need to enter in one of the following promo code at the 'payment Options' screen at checkout to get free shipping:
USD $ coupon code: FESTIVE
GBP £ coupon code: FESTIVE1
EUR € coupon code: FESTIVE2
CAD $ coupon code: FESTIVE3
AUD $ coupon code: FESTIVE4


Anonymous said...

Hi Jo, I'm getting your book and when I'm about to checkout, it charges $9.99 me for the shipping. I'm in Melbourne. Shouldn't it be free postage if we purchase before December 10th?

The Cupcake Gallery said...

You need to get the promo code for free shipping from this page:

The promo codes are:
USD $ coupon code: FESTIVE
GBP £ coupon code: FESTIVE1
EUR € coupon code: FESTIVE2
CAD $ coupon code: FESTIVE3
AUD $ coupon code: FESTIVE4

You'll need to enter in the promo code at checkout.

Hope that helps!

Princess J said...

WOO HOO Jo.. this is awesome!!