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Friday, September 24, 2010

Drummer Boy

When designing this cake, I was originally thinking of doing the cake as the bass drum, but that would've meant a huge figurine. Plus I wanted to make it so that the entire drum set could be saved and not cut.

In the end, I decided on making a mock cake as a platform for the drums so I could stick the cymbal stands in. This way, after the cake is cut, the top cake can be lifted off and kept as a memento without disassembling the drum set.
Being a drummer myself (once upon a time!), it was hard to skim on the details. I would've liked to include the legs of the cymbal stands too, but there just wasn't enough room on the cake! I think it still looked quite effective without the stand details though :o)
The base cake is a gluten free chocolate cake with dark chocolate ganache.

 the tom toms
 snare drum
 front of the drums
I decided not to have this as the front of the cake because it showed more of the details the other way.
 the bass pedal
 crash cymbal and hi-hat
 floor tom

Time it took to complete this cake: approx 5 days
Price: from AUD$350


giovanna said...


Anonymous said...

incredible perfect, all those details...

leidivine said...

thumbs up!

Anonymous said...

I love all your amazing creations!! Glad I have found your blog!

Tonda Turner said...

What are the drums made out of? I have to make a drum cake for a client and I would love to know how you did this? thank you.
Tonda Turner