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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Chloe cake

This was made for a dear little girl who is very special to our family :o)
Her most treasured things are her baby doll and blanket, and her favourite colours are blue and green.

The size of the board is 35cm x 40cm and the cake stands about 35cm high. It's sculpted from two 6" and two 7" chocolate cakes. It took me a day to bake the four cakes and 1.5 days to decorate it.

I wasn't entirely happy with this cake. The weight of the head from all that fondant icing was making it tip backwards slowly, so by the time it endured the 35 min drive to the party, the 'birthday girl' was looking slightly skywards! despite there being dowels to hold the head in place inside the cake. The weight of the hair and hat also made the cheeks droop... luckily this photo was taken before any of those things started happening... But as my husband said, no one else probably noticed the imperfections except for me, and most importantly the birthday girl liked it... so much that she didn't want to cut the cake and had to be taken out of the room so we could dismember the cake without her seeing it!

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