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Saturday, June 21, 2008

Bakugan 10th Birthday cake

This Bakugan battle brawlers ('back-ka-gon', http://www.bakugan.com/) cake was made for 10 year old Luke's birthday. The cake was based on a couple of Luke's favourite Bakugan balls, with the one on the left being the '1' and the one on the right the '0' to make '10'. The cake is inside the red dragon's body and his feet and there is also cake inside the little one. Everything is edible. This is the most involved cake I've made so far with many many hours spent on getting the parts just right. It took 2-3 weeks in total to complete.
The Bakugan balls I used as models

The main cake
The cupcakesAll packed and ready to go with individual boxes for the party guests to take the cupcakes home as 'lolly bags'.

Cake with small and large Bakugan balls: From $350

Bakugan cupcakes: $9 each
(As featured on Peppers & Pollywogs - a U.S based kids parties ideas website)

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

My son wants this cake. We live in South Africa and I will have to bake it myself. What did you use to form the wings and horns and how did you secure the top part to the bottom half of the bakugan?
I'd really appreciate your guidance.